During humanitarian crises, the Code Secretariat checks ACFID members’ website appeals and promotional material for Code compliance.


The purpose of emergency appeal website compliance checks is to ensure that, at a time when ACFID members may be experiencing high levels of pressure and are in more frequent contact with their stakeholders, they continue to comply with the Code of Conduct, particularly in demonstrating transparency and accountability to donors.


There are a range of emergency appeals that ACFID members engage in at different scales. Compliance checks will only apply to those emergency appeals where information on ACFID members undertaking appeals is listed on the ACFID website and the Humanitarian Reference Group is convened to engage on issues relevant to the appeal.


What do ACFID Members need to do?

  1. Check your emergency appeals and donations pages against the Emergency appeal website checklist.
  2. Check your programs and projects for humanitarian assistance are compliant with wider Code requirements.
  3. Complete and submit the Emergency Appeals compliance form via the ACFID website.
  4. Undertake remedial actions if requested.

The Code Secretariat will assess compliance in emergency appeals based on the Emergency appeal website checklist and will inform members of any remedial actions as required. Emergency appeals occur in very short timeframes and the assessment reflects this.


If your emergency appeal website is non-compliant with any part of the emergency appeals website checklist, it will be removed from the ACFID list until compliance is achieved. Contact the Code Secretariat for any specific questions or concerns regarding compliance in Emergency Appeals at code@acfid.asn.au.